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B.C. man returned to the living as feds correct botched death certificate

KAMLOOPS, B.C. - A British Columbia man is back among the living after twice being declared dead by the federal government in a bureaucratic mix-up that began when his social insurance number was incorrectly placed on his mother's death certificate.

Kamloops resident Bryan Kupiak learned of the confusion in October, a month after the death of his mother, when he received an old age security statement addressed to his estate.

The switch in social insurance numbers temporarily cut him off from all his benefits, including his pension, but Kupiak says he was "revived" a week later with the help of his member of Parliament, Cathy McLeod.

The matter appeared to have been settled until Kupiak's wife received a notice last Sunday from Canada Revenue Agency, describing her as a widow.

Another appeal to McLeod's office produced results and Kupiak says the matter has now been resolved.

However, he says the confusion has been difficult to handle, especially when it happened the second time, because he is still grieving the death of his mother. (CFJC Kamloops)

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