Kelly Clarkson champions women

Kelly Clarkson Photo: BANG Showbiz
Kelly Clarkson Photo: BANG Showbiz

Kelly Clarkson hates women being pitted against each other in the industry.

The 'Second Hand Heart' hitmaker finds it frustrating that there are so many "dumb feuds" between women in the music business and has urged all singers to unite together and not "fuel that fire" anymore.

She said: "People always try to gear us - especially women in the industry - against each other. I'm just not about that. I like to be sarcastic about all these dumb 'feuds' between women in the industry. It's like, 'Please do not fuel that fire any more.' They already try to do it to us enough ... The only reason I feel like anybody would be that into an argument [with a fellow singer] is because they feel like they need it to survive in longevity in this industry. That's sad."

And the 35-year-old singer hates being praised if it means criticising other artists.

Speaking on the Party Foul Radio with Pollo & Pearl, she added: "People will be like, 'Please don't be like this artist, because they're naked all the time' or 'Please don't be like this artist; just focus on your music.' You know what? I don't want you to compliment me while derailing someone else's career, because that person is comfortable, doing what they like to do. If they love showing skin, they love that. That's how they feel sexy; that's who they are."

Meanwhile, Kelly previously admitted she isn't bothered by criticism.

She explained: "[Criticism] does not bother me. I'm very fulfilled in my life ... I'm a mother and I care what is said to my kids and I want them to build an armour to wear, an armour of confidence."

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