Jamie O'Hara driven off Twitter by trolls

Jamie O'Hara is staying off Twitter because he is sick of trolls.

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star has been a fan of the social media platform but after receiving countless messages of abuse about everything from his football career to his relationships with his ex-wife Danielle Lloyd and on/off flame Elizabeth-Jayne Tierney he's had enough of tweeting.

Jamie says the "24/7 grief" isn't worth the effort and so he has deleted the Twitter app from his phone and is signing off his tweets for now.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I've actually come off Twitter now, I've deleted it off my phone because I was just constantly getting online abuse and getting trolled 24/7. We're all just human beings and we're just trying to do stuff or promote good things or have an opinion, but when you're getting that amount of grief 24/7 in the end you just think, 'I can't be arsed with this.' It's a waste of energy, I'll be trying to please people but all you get is people insulting you, so I've come off Twitter because I'm just sick of getting abuse from people who I don't even know, they'd never say it to your face either."

Jamie - who currently plays for soccer team Billericay Town - admits he's come close to saying something he would have regretted to some of his Twitter trolls, but always reminded himself of some wise words his mother bestowed upon him to help him bite his tongue.

He said: "On Twitter it seems that anything you write on there you just get slaughtered for it. I try not to read to the stuff and you have to take it with a pinch of salt but when it's 24/7 it's hard not to. You really have to bite your tongue and take a moment to really not react to these people . The problem with social media is that you want to engage with people and give them an insight into your life but when you're getting constantly abused all the time you think, 'What's the point? You're just making me miserable.'

"People are there to get you and get at you, when I was brought up my mum told me, 'If you ain't got anything nice to say they don't say nothing.' I'm a big advocate of seeing other people do well, whether that's in life, business or even on social media. I'll always say well done, even people I don't know and that's because I'm a big advocate of seeing other people be successful."

Although Jamie is off Twitter for now at the moment he has no intention of getting rid of Instagram because he loves uploading his photos to platform as it is a great way to save your memories.

He said: "I like Instagram because it's a good platform to share your stories and pictures and on Instagram you get people who follow you because they actually want to follow you and enjoy following you."

Jamie will be seen on TV this week on ITV4 show 'The Big Fish Off', on which he will be competing in a fishing contest with retired Premier League footballer Jimmy Bullard.

The episode airs on April 5 at 8pm on ITV4.

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