Alexa Chung's a girl's girl

Alexa Chung Photo: BANG Showbiz
Alexa Chung Photo: BANG Showbiz

Alexa Chung is a "girl's girl".

The 34-year-old presenter is quite "boyish" but thinks growing up in a male-dominated household has helped her become good at dispatching advice to her pals.

She said: "My boyishness helps me be a better girls' girl.

"I grew up with brothers so I wasn't mystified by men. I've been good at advice."

The former 'Popworld' host has had the same group of friends, including Nick Grimshaw and Pixie Geldof, for years and she thinks they are "stuck" with one another, though as her pals get married, she feels they drift apart from the group.

Sghe said: "I'm bloody stuck with them. We call it 'dorm life', we didn't want it to end."

Asked if things are changing as they get older, she said: "For every wedding you attend, six months after that, it's a goodbye party. Every wedding is a friendship funeral."

When it comes to working on her eponymous clothing label, the former model insists she isn't a tough boss.

She said: "Humour is important to me, if the going gets tough, laughing will be the thing that gets us through."

And Alexa wants all the members of her team to feel their opinions are heard and they are free to speak out.

She told Grazia magazine: "I'll always remember the joy of being asked my opinion at my first television job, having been a mute model for years.

"When you get older, you forget how important it is to have a voice.

"And so I've created an environment where the team is allowed to be noisy and come up with stupid ideas."

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