Woman claims to sleep with ghosts

Amethyst Realm Photo: BANG Showbiz
Amethyst Realm Photo: BANG Showbiz

A woman has claimed she had sex with 15 ghosts.

Amethyst Realm was dumped by her fiancé 10 years ago after he found out his lover had been cheating on him with a string of spirits, but the 29-year-old female enjoyed her romps with the phantoms so much she has vowed never to get intimate with a human again.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning' on Thursday (07.12.17), she said: "It was about 12 years ago now. I was living with my fiancé and he was working away a lot. We had just moved into a new house in Hereford.

"I started to feel a presence around the house. It never felt scary, it felt comforting. It was in the spare bedroom.

"It started off as an energy, as I got used to it, it got more physical. I started to feel pressure on my thighs and on my arms and on the back of my neck. It always felt safe.

"My boyfriend came home from work a day early. He says he saw the shape of a man in the spare bedroom window."

Amethyst has admitted she would dress up in sexy underwear and wait on her bed for the ghost to enter her bedroom, although she feared she had "scared off" her invisible suitor.

She explained: "I thought I had scared it off by being too keen. [But] I had sex with the ghost.

"It felt like a weight but at the same time weightless. Physical breath and stroking and energy as well. You feel a connection."

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