Sainsbury's charge different prices for Valentine's Day cards depending on gender

Sainsbury's card (c) Twitter Photo: BANG Showbiz
Sainsbury's card (c) Twitter Photo: BANG Showbiz

Sainsbury's have been criticised for charging women more money for a Valentine's Day card than men.

The supermarket chain in Stoke were reportedly charging men only £2 for a card for their wives and £2.50 for women, the BBC reported, and apparently more stores across the Midlands followed suit.

However, Sainsbury's have now said that all cards will be priced the same from today ahead of February 14.

Dr Panos Sousounis, a lecturer in economics and finance at Keele University, suggested the costs could have been a result of perceived shopping habits by women.

He told the BBC News: "Retailers think that women are more willing to spend more money on a Valentine's card. So they price it a little bit higher."

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