Baby monkey overdoses on coffee

Baby monkey overdoses on coffee Photo: BANG Showbiz
Baby monkey overdoses on coffee Photo: BANG Showbiz

A baby monkey was knocked out for 10 hours after he overdosed on coffee.

The naughty macaque swiped a tourist's hot beverage out of his hand while he was whizzing along on a motorbike in Thai capital Bangkok's Bang Khun Thien district.

Just seconds after guzzling down the caffeinated drink, the monkey collapsed.

Vets quickly arrived on the scene and administered a carbon and saline solution before he was escorted to the animal hospital where he was watched until he came round.

The monkey - who is thought to be around six months old - woke up at 3am the next day and once the medics were convinced he'd completely recovered he was released.

It's believed the monkey had probably tried to copy the human he stole the coffee from, according to the Khon Rak Ling Hua Jai Kraeng online community page.

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