Man wakes up in the middle of operation

Man wakes up mid operation Photo: BANG Showbiz
Man wakes up mid operation Photo: BANG Showbiz

A man has spoken about waking up in the middle of an operation but was unable to tell doctors.

Fenn Settle, 25, was having an operation for a ruptured appendix but found himself waking up after feeling from sharp stabbing pains in his abdomen, the Metro reported.

He also revealed he felt like he was "choking to death on a bottle cap" because of the tube inside his throat.

After attempting to blink, wiggle his fingers and toes, he resorted to urinate on the operating table before he was put back under.

He said: "I went down for surgery and everything was fine, I was put under but came round and felt like I had a bottle cap in my throat.

"I tried to spit it out but couldn't and felt like I was choking to death. Everything goes through your mind like, 'Are you going to see your family again?'

"I thought I was going to die and tried to hold my breath so I would pass out quicker. I then realised I could hear voices, the beep of the machines and a stabbing pressure on my abdomen.

"I was able to figure out what was going on and that I was still in the operation. I couldn't move, I was paralysed. I tried to open my eyes, scream, wiggle my fingers and toes.

"I was willing any part of me to do something. I made the conscious decision to urinate, it was the only thing I could do. It was that sort of feeling when you have three beers. I thought this will get their attention. I definitely could have held it in."

He also said how he spoke to nurses after the operation but they said it was just a dream.

Fenn said: "In the post-op ward I said to the nurses, 'I remembered that' but they said it was just a dream.

"The next morning I was seen by a doctor who said, 'I'm aware you had some awareness of the operation' but said whatever you do don't google it because I would scare myself."

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