Man wins award for reviewing bacon sandwiches

Man wins bacon award Photo: BANG Showbiz
Man wins bacon award Photo: BANG Showbiz

A man has won an award for eating bacon sandwiches for two years.

Steve Grice, 46, from Newport, posts reviews and pictures of his mid-ride porky lunches while out with the Newport Shropshire Cycling Club and has been recognised by a major trade body for his Outstanding Service to Bacon, the Mirror Online reported.

At the latest meeting of his cycle club, Mr. Grcie was presented with a letter from Love Pork thanking him for his dedication and he was also given a pair of sausage-themed underwear and a squeezy stress pig.

He said: "The dinner is quite a big deal, there are about 250 people in our club and it's been going for many years.

"There are various awards, and this year I was given a special one. When they started talking about bacon sandwiches, I realised what was going on.

"I just love bacon sandwiches and want to find the best ones and spread the word. I suppose it's nice for people to see that".

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