Women are celebrating Equal Pay Day by putting out of office message on

Women put out of hours for Equal Pay Day Photo: BANG Showbiz
Women put out of hours for Equal Pay Day Photo: BANG Showbiz

Women have been encouraged to put their "out of hours" on their work emails on Equal Pay Day to make a stand.

The Women's Equality Party (WEP) have asked females to set their out of office alert on Equal Pay Day on November 10 in a bid to remind colleagues women play a vital role in any work place and deserve to receive the same salary as their male counterparts, the Metro Online has reported.

The WEP said: "'Friday November 10 is Equal Pay Day, which marks the moment which women effectively stop being paid until the end of the year.

"The full-time pay gap in the UK is 14.1 per cent and if you factor in part-time work, the vast majority of which is done by women, it leaps to a shocking 18.4 per cent.

"We don't think men's work should be valued more highly than women's - so why should we be working?

"We're asking women across the UK to set their Out of Offices on Friday 10th November as a sign to the world that they won't stand for this any longer.

"'The work women do, the industries they work in, and the caring responsibilities they generally shoulder are not valued by our society - not enough to pay them a fair wage.

"This is exactly what the Women's Equality Party seeks to overturn.

"We represent the women who are being paid unfairly and often not being paid at all - either for their domestic labour or care duties - or because they have been fired for getting pregnant.

"Equal pay is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality and it creates the context for other inequalities, such as violence against women and girls and unequal access to health."

And the party have provided a template that can be used for out of office messages.

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