Dad plants 12-inch dildo in son's hand luggage

Dad pranks son Photo: BANG Showbiz
Dad pranks son Photo: BANG Showbiz

A dad filmed his son pulling out a 12-inch dildo from his hand luggage while boarding a plane.

Ted Andressen planted the sex toy and some lube in his son's bag and decided to film his reaction when the airport worker takes the toy out, the Metro reports.

His son turns to face the group he is with while they stare on and laugh.

Luckily, the airport worker found the funny side and said: "Well look at you, you don't know what's in your bag."

Ted posted the video to Facebook and wrote: "When you plant a 12 inch dildo and lube in your son's carry-on. Priceless. (sic)"

The video has been shared more than 447,577 times and liked 122,000 times.

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